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UnimaxTel Charity Mission
"Light of Dreams" Charity Campaign
2014-2016 FINANCIALS
August 2016 Scholarship Funds $ 4,030.00 USD
March 2015 43 Scholarships $ 3,216.00 USD
March 2015 3 Bridges in Ca Mau $ 9,275.00 USD
July 2014 Hung Vuong Bridge, Tien Giang $ 8,017.00 USD
May 2014 Firefly Solar Lamp Project $ 7,818.00 USD
May 2014 Donate 108 bicycles $10,405.80 USD
March 2014 Donate 45 bicycles $ 4,547.25 USD
Total: $47,309.05 USD
March 2015 Build 3 Bridges in Cà Mau
Sunday, March 22, 2015 UNIMAXTEL CHARITY inaugurates 3 bridges in Ca Mau. The local citizens and children of Ca Mau will no longer have to cross the dangerous bamboo bridges on their way to work or schools. The bridge will also have positive impact on the economies of the region.
July 2014 Hung Vuong Bridge, Tien Giang
UnimaxTel Charity, Hung Vuong Association of Northeast USA, Chia Se Group, and Dong Tam Group of Saigon joined efforts to finance the construction of Hung Vuong Bridge, Tien Giang, spanning a river in Tien Giang. This bridge is the long-awaited dream of the citizen of My Thanh Nam wards and the students of My Thanh Nam Elementary School.
May-Jun 2014 Firefly Solar Lamp
The Firefly Mobile is an award winning solar light that provides phone charging and a bright task light with three brightness settings. The light from the lamp is 8 times brighter than a kerosene lamp and after one day of charging the lamp provides 3.6 hours of light on high setting, 14 hours on medium setting and 50 hours of light on low setting. The high performance lithium iron phosphate battery will last for up to 5 years before it needs to be replaced. The lamp can be used to provide direct lighting for tasks such as studying, sewing and reading or it can be hung up from its hook to provide ambient light for teachinging, cooking or socialising. The product includes charging pins for most phones and can charge a 700mAh battery in 3 hours of sunshine.
Mar-May 2014 Dak-Nong Bicycle Donation
To date, UnimaxTel Charity and Chia Se Group of Saigon joined efforts to donate 153 bicycles to students in the poor and remote highland of Vietnam. These bicycles will greatly help these children and their families as the primary mode of their transportation for their daily activities
Jun-Sep 2012 Phuoc Trung Tay Ninh Bridge
UnimaxTel Charity, Chia Se Group, and Dong Tam Group of Saigon joined efforts to finance the construction of Phuoc Trung Tay Ninh Bridge. Before this bridge was built, the children had to crossed the dangerous "monkey" bridge to go to school. The families on the other sides of the river had no road link to their villages. The hardships for these families are beyond imaginable. This bridge has literally provided a link for these families to "civilization".
April 2012 Tu Tam Handicap School
UnimaxTel Charity provided funding to purchase furniture and equipment for the Tu Tam Handicap School built by the friends of the Chia Se Group. The furniture will provide the children a comfortable life and the equipment will provide them a means to produce goods in their efforts to be self-sufficient